Course Support

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You can register for a learning course, via the relevant course webpage. Simply click on the ‘Buy This Course’ button and it will direct you to the online registration page.

You can book up to 300 learner places per course using the online registration form.

Once you complete an online booking form for a course, the ‘booking contact’ will be sent a confirmation email immediately. A Welcome Email will also be sent to learners with their personalized login details, outlining how to initially login and access the content. If you have not received these emails within one working day of registering, please contact us to confirm your booking.

An invoice for the learner place(s) will be raised within 1 working day of the booking being made. Payment of the invoice can then be completed using our online card payment system, bank transfer or cheque.

You can access a course by logging in to your learner profile, using the login details provided to you in your Welcome Email (see ‘Registering for a learning course’). You can login to your profile here…


No, once enrolled on a course you can access the content whenever you like, in whichever order you like. You will be provided with your personalised learner profile, enabling you to log-in and log-out in your own time and work through the course at your own pace. You can also access any of the content at anytime – including the classes you’ve already completed.

For guidance on how to navigate and progress your way through a course simply watch the video below…

Our online, on-demand training courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The course content will remain on your learner profile for a minimum of 6 months. Providing you with an easily accessible ‘library’ for future reference. The exact length of time each course’s content can be accessed for is listed on the relevant learning course homepage.

No. Although we’d always hope every class on every course is of real value to you – we appreciate there will be some topics or issues that will be of greater interest to you than others. As a result, each course is entirely free-form – you can access any class, anywhere, anytime, in whichever order you wish. Completing as much of the course as you like.

Should you wish to access a certificate of completion for a course without having completed a class – simply open the class in question and click on the ‘mark complete’ button at the bottom of the page. This will mark the class as complete, without you watching the video or completing the course activity.

This support video shows how you can provide feedback on your learner experience; as well as completing the course and accessing your certificate of course completion…

Training providers are restricted to ensuring that CPD is allocated based on the expected study time for an individual. Some may take less time to complete a course, others may take more.

Our CPD hours are therefore determined by the combined length of the video classes, added to the estimated time (provided by the trainer) to complete any exercises or activities.

Some learners – particularly if they frequently pause videos to make notes etc. – may therefore find that a course takes a longer time to complete than the CPD hours we have awarded to it.

If you would like us to increase the CPD hours on your finalised certificate of completion to better reflect the specific time you have spent undertaking the course, let us know and we can create a bespoke certificate for you.