Case Study

Meet Mr A...

Mr A had been detained on a short term detention certificate (STDC). Initially, he refused medical treatment and was suffering from psychosis. He asked staff at the ward how to get out of hospital, he believed that he was not unwell and did not need medical treatment. He refused to take his medication and was forced to receive a depot injection at the hospital. Staff referred Mr A to advocacy who were able to contact a solicitor on his behalf. 

Mr A met with a solicitor and the solicitor submitted an application for revocation of the STDC to the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland. The Solicitor instructed an independent Psychiatric Report which was completed a week before the tribunal. The independent psychiatric report agreed that the criteria for the STDC were met. The independent report was therefore not lodged on Mr A’s behalf.

By the time the tribunal was fixed, Mr A had received his medication which stabilised him and he was able to present the position to the tribunal that the STDC was no longer necessary as he was willing to take his medication and even agreed to stay on a voluntary basis for a couple of days. The certificate was successfully revoked after the panel accepted his evidence that he would accept treatment voluntarily.

Opportunity for Reflection


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