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Taking Care of Our Mental Health



What is Mental Health?

Our Mental Health Balance

The Importance of Perception

Stress and Trauma

The Stress Response

Relationships and Kindness

Your Self-Care Going Forward


Short Video Classes


Self-Care Activities, along with a range of interactive content including quizzes, polls and links to additional resources

3 hrs


With the option to make online notes on every class, download a Certificate of Completion & provide Learner Feedback

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Very large numbers of adults in Scotland are experiencing poor Mental Health. A struggle to manage an evolving work-life balance; pressures brought about by the cost-of-living crisis and ubiquitous digital lifestyles are amongst a myriad of issues causing high levels of stress. Stress is a significant factor in mental health problems including anxiety and depression, as well as being linked to physical health problems like heart disease, lack of sleep, as well as problems with our digestive and immune systems.

Polling carried out in November 2022, on behalf of the Mental Health Foundation, found that 40% of adults had been anxious in the past month, 33% stressed and 13% hopeless because of their financial situation.

Becoming more aware of our own mental health; managing our feelings and developing strategies to overcome adversities – big and small – is critical to reversing this trend. There is a growing recognition that people need to tend to their emotional and mental well-being as much as they would for their physical health.

Developed with Sean Humphreys, a mental health consultant at Now Counselling, this course helps people learn more about what mental health is and how to promote their own sense of psychological stability and contentment. It is designed to help you evaluate where you are at when it comes to your mental health at work, and to provide an opportunity to learn some knowledge, skills and tools that you can integrate into your own self-care routine, whatever that may be.

Key Themes

  • Exploring ‘What is Mental Health?’
  • The importance of finding our Mental Health Balance
  • What happens when our Mental Health is out of balance?
  • Understanding the stress response and what triggers it?
  • Looking at Trauma and childhood adversity – recognising its intensity and its impact
  • The value of connected relationships and kindness
  • Prioritising your self-care going forward: Review – Ready – Regulate

Course rates for learners

1-10 Learners

Small group

11-99 learners

Medium group
£ 30 Per person

100-199 learners

Large group
£ 25 Per person

Detailed course agenda


What is Mental Health? – Part 1 (09:02)

  • The power of conversations
  • The link between body and mind
  • The role the pandemic plays
  • Internal needs vs external world
  • What we can (and can’t) control
  • Feelings are temporary, we ‘live in the moment’


What is Mental Health? – Part 2 (11:23)

  • An inseparable combination – Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, Biology
  • Everyone struggles
  • The importance of finding your balance



Finding our Balance (14:06)

  • Love and Belonging
  • Power
  • Freedom
  • Fun
  • Survival


Out of Balance – Our Stress Response (05:35)

  • Feelings are our barometer (our internal communication) and must never be ignored
  • The stress response is what happens to us internally when we feel unsafe
  • The intensity of our stress response is congruent with how unsafe (or how much fear) we feel
  • We always remember a traumatic experience – we store the memory in our minds and bodies to prepare us for future survival in any situation that feels similar


Self Care Activity – Reflecting on your Balance



The Importance of Perception (07:00)

  • All behaviour is communication and our best attempt to meet our needs in any moment
  • What are your thoughts on this statement: ‘Stress and trauma are the cause of all of our health struggles’?


Self Care Activity – Life Before Covid



Stress and Trauma (08:09)

  • What is our Stress Response?
  • What triggers it?
  • Trauma and the Stress Response


The Stress Response (08:37)

  • Fight, Flight, or Freeze response
  • A healthy response to extreme danger
  • Stress response to non extreme danger?


Our Stress Response in Everyday Life (08:42)

  • Fight, Flight, or Freeze response
  • Our stress response – a competition in the brain
  • How can we recover from any trauma?


Perception of Trauma (07:20)

  • The spectrum of trauma and the intensity of our experience
  • Trauma and childhood adversity
  • Unresolved trauma and its impact on health both in the moment and in future moments
  • Self care reminder – the concepts and question to always keep in mind



Self Care Activity – The Time is Now

Relationships and Kindness (08:51)

  • Acts of Kindness
  • Promote a healthy culture of talking and listening
  • A self-care tool – Review – Ready – Regulate
  • Your life going forward?
  • Ideas to Consider


Your Feedback and Thoughts

Introducing Our Trainer

Sean Humphreys

Mental Health Consultant at Now Counselling

Sean Humphreys has over two decades of experience of working with people in the voluntary sector and privately in Scotland, as well as significant statutory sector experience working in schools, prisons and healthcare services as well as in sport.

He has experience of working collaboratively with colleagues in the USA, Australia, Finland, England, Slovenia and Croatia and has presented at international conferences in Malta, Finland and Croatia on a variety of mental health and psychology related topics.

A specialist in personal development and continuous professional development for counsellors and counselling skills practitioners such as project workers, support workers, mentors and coaches and also for those working in other healthcare and education environments. His training and coaching experience also includes support with leadership and management in a working and business environment and sports psychology for individuals and teams.

Sean has designed, written and delivered training courses and presentations on a wide variety of topics over recent years, as well as assessment and analysis of the training needs of teams or organisations as a consultant. Recent experiences include working with Apex Scotland, TIGERS LTD, Forest School Association, Big Wild Life, YouthLink Scotland, Scottish Association for Mental Health, Edinburgh and Lothians Council on Alcohol, Policy Hub Scotland and Street Soccer Scotland.

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