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What is Dementia?

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Ten Hints to Reduce Symptoms

Getting a Diagnosis

Dementia - Forward Planning


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It is estimated that worldwide around 50 million people have dementia, with over 90,000 of those living in Scotland. It is more common in older people but can affect people of working age or even younger.

Contrary to common opinion, it is not a natural part of the ageing process and is more than a memory problem – it is an umbrella term used for illnesses that affect the brain.

Caring for someone with dementia can be very challenging – the illnesses can impact on a person’s behaviours, thoughts and feelings, often presenting complex problems to families and health and social care professionals, such as aggression, sleeplessness, wandering, continence etc.

This on-demand learning course – Dementia: the One Stop Guide – brings Professor June Andrews OBE, one of the UK’s leading clinicians on Dementia Care, straight to your device. You can click and play as many of her video classes as you like, whenever you like, in whichever order you like. Providing you with a greater understanding of dementia, as well as offering ideas and thoughts on how to treat and care for someone diagnosed with the condition.

Using her expertise around dementia, June guides course learners through 5 video classes, complete with her own presentation slides – as well as a range of activities and case studies which bring the issues alive. In total, the course provides learners with over 4 hours Continuous Professional Development and a personalised certificate of completion.

Course rates for learners

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Small group
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6-300+ learners

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Detailed course agenda

Video Class – What is Dementia? (25:07)

  • More than a memory problem
  • Things that look like dementia but aren’t
  • Main diseases that cause these symptoms
  • Top tips about dementia knowledge and awareness


Activity – What is Dementia?

  • The impact of the illness on the person
  • Exercise – The impact of dementia
  • Case Study – Mrs Lee
  • June’s Thoughts (03:26)


Video Class – Getting a Diagnosis (22:43)

  • Raising the issue
  • What the person should do
  • What the GP and Memory Clinic does
  • What if it is or is not dementia
  • How individuals and carers may adjust to the news


Activity – Getting a Diagnosis

  • What may NOT be dementia?
  • Exercise – What looks like dementia
  • Case Study – Mr Bernstein
  • June’s Thoughts (03:02)


Video Class – Ten Hints to Reduce Symptoms (26:07)

  • Ten hints to stay well for longer – Exercise, Diet, Hydration, Design, Stress, Social activities, Smoking, Alcohol, Sleep, Distraction
  • The “Leaf Model” – what keeps people with dementia above the line?


Activity – Ten Hints to Reduce Symptoms

  • Exercise – Reducing Agitation
  • Case Study – Mr Patrick
  • June’s Thoughts (02:34)


Video Class – Advice for Carers: Tough Care Problems (26:19)

  • Advice for family and professional carers on six of the toughest problems faced by those caring for people with dementia – Continence, Aggression, Sleeplessness, Wandering, Persistent vocalization, Family dynamics


Activity – Advice for Carers: Tough Care Problems

  • Exercise – Triggering a move to another setting
  • Case Study – Miss Khan
  • June’s Thoughts (03:11)


Video Class – Dementia: Forward Planning (27:20)

  • Things you need to talk about
  • Handling money and bills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Home Care
  • Care Homes
  • Where to get further help


Activity – Dementia: Forward Planning

  • Exercise – Writing Your Own Forward Plan for Dementia
  • June’s Thoughts (03:42)

*Note: Each activity – including a case study and a video containing June’s thoughts/response – should take around 20-25mins to complete*

Introducing Our Trainer

Professor June Andrews OBE

International dementia specialist and Professor Emeritus in Dementia Studies

Professor June Andrews OBE FRCN FCGI, is an international consultant on nursing care of older people, dementia and care homes, as well as being a psychiatric and general registered nurse. June is an independent writer and broadcaster at She works to improve the lives of people with dementia and is non-executive director of a listed REIT owning over seventy care homes, and adviser to the Dementia Services Development Trust, a charity.  Her books Dementia the One Stop Guide and Care Homes the One Stop Guide are best sellers. Recently graduated in Law, June serves as an expert witness in relation to nursing and dementia.