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Adults with Incapacity training for Pharmacy Professionals

*A course tailored for community or hospital pharmacists*



The Scottish Mental Health Law Review

Assessing an individual's Capacity

Power of Attorney & Guardianship

The General AWI Principles

Supported Decision Making


Short Video Classes

90 mins


With the option to make online notes on every class, download a Certificate of Completion & provide Learner Feedback

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This course offers you all the key information about adults with incapacity legislation specifically tailored for pharmacy professionals.

Led by former Public Guardian for Scotland, Sandra McDonald, the course provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of AWI legislation and the confidence of how to use it effectively in practice.

Being able to accurately assess capacity is critical for pharmacy professionals in judging whether a patient consents to receiving treatment. Likewise, they must help and support people to make their own decisions – or to be as involved as they can be in a decision – around their own care. Featuring 8 short video classes, the course explores the General Principles of AWI; Power of Attorney; Guardianship; Capacity Assessing; and the rights of persons with disabilities, as well as highlighting the key Incapacity-related findings of the Scottish Mental Health Law Review (Autumn ‘22).

If you provide treatment or care for adults with incapacity and want to know the law which governs this area of work, this course is for you – taking you from policy to practice; offering you the legal concepts without the legal jargon.

Key Themes

  • The General AWI Principles
  • Power of Attorney and Guardianship
  • Assessing Capacity
  • Supported Decision Making
  • “Respecting” Rights, Will and Preferences
  • The Scottish Mental Health Law Review
  • Reporting Concerns

This training is for...

  • pharmacists working in a community pharmacy or hospital pharmacy


NOT FOR YOU? We offer Adults with Incapacity training courses tailored to specific professions – including for Solicitors; Independent Advocacy Groups; General Practitioners; and Health and Social Care Professionals. All our courses are listed here – Learning Courses

Training tailored to you...

This course will be available until at least December 2024, ensuring learners can work through the content anytime, anywhere, at their own pace…

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Course rates for learners

1-10 Learners

Small group

11-99 learners

Medium group
£ 30 Per person

100-199 learners

Large group
£ 25 Per person

Detailed course agenda

2. The AWI Principles (14 mins)

  • Benefit
  • Least Restrictive Intervention
  • Taking account of past and present wishes and feelings
  • Taking account of the views of others
  • Encourage participation


3. Power of Attorney and Guardianship (5mins)

  • Power of Attorney granted by a capable person
  • Power of Attorney – welfare and/or financial powers
  • Guardianship – a court appoints someone to be guardian
  • The Powers of each are spelled out in the relevant documents


Optional class: More information around Power of Attorney (15mins)

  • Welfare and/or Finance powers
  • Attorneys – How many? What is their Authority? Substitutes?
  • Powers – What are they? When do they start?
  • PoA Registration


4. Assessing Capacity (7mins)

  • A Presumption of Capacity
  • Capacity <=> Incapacity
  • Decision Specific Capacity
  • Key issues for Pharmacy Professionals


5. Supported Decision Making (14mins)

  • Exercise of Legal Capacity
  • Decision Making Influences
  • Supporting decision making – your approach and the process
  • Best interpretation decision making


6. “Respecting” Rights, Will and Preferences (13mins)

  • Article 12(4) UNCRPD
  • What do we mean by ‘Rights’, ‘Will’ and ‘Preferences’?
  • Case Example: Stephanie’s story
  • Paying Special Regard


7. The Scottish Mental Health Law Review (6mins)

  • Overarching purpose
  • Revised principles
  • Autonomous Decision Making
  • Nothing changes in the immediate future


Optional Class: The Review in more detail (41mins)

  • Overarching purpose
  • Revised principles
  • Human Rights Enablement
  • Supported decision-making
  • Autonomous Decision Making
  • Strengthening of power of attorney
  • Guardianship, Intervention Orders, Access to Funds and Part 4
  • Fusion and Forum
  • So, what now [on AWI elements]?


8. Reporting Concerns (7mins)

  • What to report and When?
  • Who do you report concerns to?


9. Case study – Bringing it all together (10mins)


Your Feedback and Thoughts

Introducing Our Trainer

Sandra McDonald

Director, EX-PG Ltd (and former Public Guardian for Scotland)

For 14 years (2004-2018) Sandra was the Public Guardian for Scotland. The Public Guardian supports as well as supervises those appointed, under the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000, to administer the affairs of persons with incapacity. Sandra holds qualifications in law, public sector management and nursing. As Public Guardian, she led a team of 80, delivering a service across the whole of Scotland.

Upon retiring as the Public Guardian in the summer of 2018, Sandra established EX-PG Ltd. She currently offers mental capacity/incapacity advice and training, drawing on the breadth and wealth of her experience as Public Guardian. All Sandra’s advice and training can be tailored to your needs and is specifically designed to assist both those supporting, as well as those developing and delivering services for, people with incapacity.

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