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450+ Learners


Capacity Assessing

Power of Attorney

AWI Principles


Supported Decision Making

Rights, Will & Preference


Video Classes


Activities, Case Studies & Responses

9 hrs


With slides & additional resources for each class; the ability to take notes throughout the course & a Certificate of Course Completion.

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Adult incapacity issues can be both difficult and sensitive. With Scotland’s ageing population, applying Adults with Incapacity (AwI) legislation is becoming more and more commonplace for health & social care professionals, third sector practitioners and family law solicitors but knowing how and when to make best use of the legislation can often be very challenging.

This on-demand learning course brings Sandra McDonald – her knowledge and her expertise around AWI legislation – straight to your device. You can click and play as many of her video classes as you like, whenever you like, in whichever order you like. Providing you with a comprehensive understanding of AWI legislation and a confidence of how to use it effectively in practice.

Sandra has spent decades legislating and caring for adults with incapacity – including 14 years as Public Guardian for Scotland, leading work around AWI legislation; as Ward Sister in an Intensive Care Unit and as Manager of a litigation department in an NHS Trust.

Using her professional and personal experiences around AWI, Sandra guides course learners through 22 video classes, complete with her own presentation slides – bringing the issues alive with a range of additional activities and case studies, offering her own responses to each. In total, the course provides learners with over 9 hours Continuous Professional Development and a personalised certificate of completion.

Course rates for learners

1 Learner


3-5 learners

Small group
£ 80 Per person

6-500+ learners

Large group
£ 75-15 Per person

Detailed course agenda

SAMPLE CLASS: AWI Course Introduction (01:34)

Session 1: AWI Principles

  • The General Principles of AWI (17:07)
  • Activity – Colin’s case study 
  • Feedback on Colin’s case study (07:11)
  • Discussion – The AWI Principles in conflict (13:17)

Session 2: Power of Attorney

  • Power of Attorney – Introductory Information (17:55)
  • The Powers (26:54)
  • Activity – Dealing with Power of Attorney Operational Challenges
  • Power of Attorney – Registration and Beyond (24:51)
  • Discussion – Power of Attorney: Getting it Right (14:48)
  • Getting a robust Power of Attorney (07:25)

Session 3: Guardianship

  • Guardianship – General Information (27:09)
  • Guardianship Supervision (11:00)
  • Operating a Financial Guardianship (32:39)
  • Access to Funds and Intervention Orders (11:20)
  • Activity – Access to Funds and Intervention Orders Case Studies

Session 4: Supported Decision Making and Rights, Will and Preference

  • Supported Decision Making (22:15)
  • Activity – Supported Decision Making case study
  • Activity – Supported Decision Making case study response
  • Rights, Will and Preference (08:08)
  • Activity – Rights, Will and Preference case study and feedback
  • Discussion – Rights, Will and Preference in Conflict (12:51)

Session 5: Assessing Capacity

  • Capacity – General Information (17:59)
  • The Definition of Capacity (33:25)
  • Activity – Capacity Assessing case study
  • Activity – Capacity Assessing case study feedback
  • Capacity – The Rest (32:03)
  • Activity – Developing a Capacity Checklist
  • Developing a Capacity Checklist (22:22)

Session 6: Dealing with Concerns

  • Reporting Concerns (18:20)
  • Activity – List Signs of Abuse
  • Activity – Signs of Abuse case study
  • Signs of Abuse (11:14)
  • Activity – Dealing with Concerns
  • Bringing It All Together (27:17)

*Note: Each case study and case study feedback activity should take around 10mins to complete*

Introducing Our Trainer

Sandra McDonald

Director, EX-PG Ltd (and former Public Guardian for Scotland)

For 14 years (2004-2018) Sandra was the Public Guardian for Scotland. The Public Guardian supports as well as supervises those appointed, under the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000, to administer the affairs of persons with incapacity. Sandra holds qualifications in law, public sector management and nursing. As Public Guardian, she led a team of 80, delivering a service across the whole of Scotland.

Upon retiring as the Public Guardian in the summer of 2018, Sandra established EX-PG Ltd. She currently offers mental capacity/incapacity advice and training, drawing on the breadth and wealth of her experience as Public Guardian. All Sandra’s advice and training can be tailored to your needs and is specifically designed to assist both those supporting, as well as those developing and delivering services for, people with incapacity.

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