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Over 1,200 learners have undertaken our original four online learning courses launched through the first half of 2021. The learners who have completed the courses, gave them an overall feedback score of 89%. We are delighted with this and thank everyone for undertaking the training. However, we also recognise that as the business develops we need to make continuous improvements to our on-demand learning content.

Over the summer, we’ve been busy making our Online Learning Courses simpler to use and more interactive experiences – engaging learners as they progress through the content*. Just some of the software enhancements, include –

Course Notes

Learners can now make electronic notes on each class they undertake; store them in their own personalised library; and either download each note as a Word document or print them off whenever they like.

Collaborative Whiteboards

Our courses are interspersed with ‘live’ whiteboards. Using sticky notes, speech bubbles, emojis or comment boxes, learners can share their ideas and thoughts on issues or questions set by a course trainer – and view the responses from other learners who have completed the class.

Quizzes and Polls

Course activities are also complimented with Quizzes and Polls. This is not about being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but about learners being able to explore their own understanding of an issue or grapple with a particular dilemma set by a course trainer.

*Available on all courses launched from September 2021*

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, each learner will have access to a course’s content in full – be that streaming video classes, undertaking activities or downloading resources.

No, once enrolled on a course you can access the content whenever you like, in whichever order you like. You will be provided with your personalised learner profile, enabling you to log-in and log-out in your own time and work through the course at your own pace. You can also access any of the content at anytime – including the classes you’ve already completed.

Our online, on-demand training courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The course content remains available for at least one year from the course launch (the exact expiry date can be found on the relevant learning course homepage). Thus providing learners with an easily accessible ‘library’ to reference throughout this period, even after they have completed the course. 

No, our online learning courses from September 2021 contain a range of interactive content. With trainer video presentations being complimented by Case Studies, Collaborative Whiteboards, Quizzes and Polls, engaging learners as they progress through a course.

No. Although we’d always hope every class on every course is of real value to you – we appreciate there will be some topics or issues that will be of greater interest to you than others. As a result, each course is entirely free-form – you can access any class, anywhere, anytime, in whichever order you wish. Completing as much of the course as you like.

Should you wish to access a certificate of completion for a course without having completed a class, visit our ‘Support Page’.

What learners are saying...

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Amy Black, Solicitor, Lawson, Coull & Duncan
COURSE: Adults with Incapacity
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I felt that this was one of the most valuable online courses I have been signed up to, taking plenty of notes. Each topic was covered in great depth. I found the video classes engaging, interesting and easy to follow.
Geraldine Moore, Carrick Academy
COURSE: Mental Health and Wellbeing in Scotland's Schools
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Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the course especially the fact that I could engage with it over a significant time period at my own convenience. The downloadable materials are invaluable as a point of reference too. A very comprehensive course covering so many diverse and important aspects of life. Huge thanks to all the trainers.
Cara Davis, Carr Gomm
COURSE: Dementia – the One Stop Guide
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A lot of Dementia training is too focused on the science around what Dementia is and how it effects the body. Great to have the practical insight for challenges faced on the front line. I really enjoyed the course and it was amazing to be able to go through it in my free time rather than having to commit to a set time each week.
Eileen Brechany, Service Manager, East Ayrshire HSCP
COURSE: Adults with Incapacity
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This was a really great course which I was able to do at my own pace. I liked knowing how long each class was as you could then decide whether to carry on to the next class or leave for another day. It took me a while to start the course but once I did I was very motivated to carry on as the course content was excellent. I am so pleased I did this course
Martin McGarrity, Inverclyde HSCP
COURSE: Adults with Incapacity
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The course better met my needs as I am visually impaired. I got more out of the distance learning approach as I was able to start, pause for reflection and stop when I needed to. I got more out of this approach than a traditional class based learning session.
Jill Drummond, Clifton Hall School
COURSE: Building resilience in Scotland's boys
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The vast majority of the course was outstanding. The presenters were very knowledgeable and delivery was very engaging. I look forward to completing more courses where i can!
Pauline Ryding, Cairn Primary School
COURSE: Mental Health and Wellbeing in Scotland's schools
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The course was excellent and I particularly liked the fact that I could access the material in my own time and at my own pace.
Elinor Steel, NHS Lanarkshire
COURSE: Building resilience in Scotland's boys
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The course was great and there was so much information to watch, listen, read and reflect on - probably more useful than a conference would have been in that respect.
Donna MacIntosh, Buckie High School
COURSE: Building resilience in Scotland's boys
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I really enjoyed this - liked being in control of when to participate. I always like when the presenter brings their message to the "real" world and gives me ideas I can actually use.
Dawn Findlay, Aberdeenshire Council
COURSE: Adults with Incapacity
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I loved the course. It was well laid out and well presented. Thank you
Patricia Wilson, Park School
COURSE: Mental Health and Wellbeing in Scotland's schools
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I can't honestly think of anything that would improve the course. I thought the videos didn't run too long and were very relevant to the topics being discussed.