Board Development - Board Coaching

Board Coaching

We offer one-off coaching sessions for whole Boards as well as individual sessions for Board Members, Chairs and CEOs.

Delivered by our experienced boardroom consultants, each session can be tailored to the immediate training needs of an individual or offer guidance and build skillsets in response to a particular situation facing the Board or it’s Members. A number of the coaching sessions can be delivered online should this prove more convenient.

> Coaching the Chair and CEO
> Board Member Coaching
> Full Board Coaching

Coaching the Chair and CEO

The relationship between the Chair and Chief Executive is pivotal to the success of the Board and influences the Board’s ability to set the tone for, and provide value to, the organization. We provide coaching for the Chair and Chief Executive together to help build an effective relationship that strikes a balance between independence of thinking and support.

We use the Kantor Institute’s Behavioural Propensities Profiling Instrument as the basis of much of our coaching. It helps explore and raise awareness of one’s own default behaviours when interacting with another person or a group, as well as enabling you to identify and respond to the default behaviours of others.

The programme can be tailored to suit the needs of the Chair and Chief Executive and will largely be based on the strength of their existing relationship and the outcomes desired by both individuals. Our standard approach usually involves seven half-day sessions spread across a six-to-nine month period. Three sessions with the Chair and CEO together; and two sessions each with the Chair and the CEO separately.

Our ‘Chair and Chief Executive’ coaching programme is valued at £3,000 plus VAT and expenses. However since this is a fully co-created programme, the package of interventions undertaken can be tailored to suit the individual needs and budget of each Board.

If you would like to discuss how our coaching sessions could assist your Board Chair and CEO, please contact Mark on 0131 344 4611 or drop him an email at

Board Member Coaching

We provide coaching for individual Board members (executive and non-executive) to support them in their Board role, build their confidence as a Board member and help them adjust their behaviours and conversational style to make their best possible contribution. We have been asked to support Board members in the following situations:

  • Taking on the chairmanship of a committee for the first time
  • Developing into the role of Board Chair
  • Understanding and developing their role as a Non-Executive Director
  • Where ongoing conflict exists between two Board members as a consequence of different behavioural styles.

We can co-design a package of interventions with you that will be specifically shaped to suit the needs of the individual Board Member. Usually such interventions will be spread across two or three training sessions and can include an observation of the individual’s performance within a Board meeting.

Each session usually lasts around 2hrs and is valued at £350.00 plus VAT. For more information, please contact Mark on 0131 344 4611 or drop him an email at

Full Board Coaching

All Boards can benefit from an independent, external perspective enquiring into their ways of working. There are two main scenarios where this can be helpful:

  • Where the Board is facing a new situation and wants help to think it through from different perspectives
  • Where the Board wants to improve its overall performance

Our experienced boardroom consultants provide coaching for established Boards – coaching the whole Board together. We are often asked to intervene in this way when the Board is facing an emotionally charged situation, when the Board has become stuck in a particular pattern of conversation such as ‘group think’, when relationships within the Board have broken down or where factions have developed within the Board.

This one-off half-day session, along with an initial observation of the Board in action, is valued at £1950.00 plus VAT. We can also compliment this work with a dialogic approach based on observing a series of meetings using our innovative Board Watch process. If you have any queries or would like to discuss how a one-off coaching session could be tailored for your Board, please contact Mark on 0131 344 4611 or drop him an email at