Board Development - Accelerated Board Performance

Accelerated Board Performance

Why is it that we can bring together a group of well educated, experienced and successful people and still not have a great, well-functioning Board? The secret lies in the dynamics of the group.

Getting a new Board up to speed quickly takes more than just a briefing on the business and the basics of governance. Good Boards need to build relationships based on trust and mutual respect and this takes time. Yet most Boards don’t have that time before they are straight into the business of strategic leadership and scrutiny.

We have put together an intensive approach that accelerates the process of building an effective Board team – a process that focuses on the quality and sustainability of boardroom conversations and relationships.

Our Accelerated Board Performance Programme brings the whole Board together over two days. First, it explores how the principles of good governance and effective board working apply in your Board and second it develops the Board as a well-functioning working group.

The Programme helps to:

  • build effective relationships (between Board members, between executive and non-executive directors, between a Chair and a CEO)
  • develop trust and respect for each other
  • set ground rules for how you will work together and clarify what you want to achieve as a Board
  • clarify what information Board members need and want and how it should be presented
  • work out how each Board member can make their best possible contribution to the Board
  • create focused, honest and powerful boardroom discourse.

Investing in this Programme will signal to new Board members the importance you place on the role of the Board. It will also encourage existing Board members to reflect on their own contribution and how that might be developed and enhanced.

A unique feature of our approach is the use of the best assessment tool we know for understanding how people interact in groups -the Kantor Institute’s Behavioural Propensities Profiling Instrument (the BPP). Our associates are some of a small number of consultants in the UK accredited in the use of this approach by the Kantor Institute. The BPP identifies:

  • how you structure your relationships with others
  • the language patterns you are known for
  • the most characteristic actions you take when interacting with others.

It helps Board members increase their flexibility, understand fellow Board members better, and be more tolerant of difference. We provide personal feedback that increases Board members’ awareness of their impact on their colleagues and on the quality of the Board’s conversation. Even more valuable is the Board Team Report which predicts where boardroom discourse might be difficult and conflict might arise.

From the Accelerated Board Performance Programme the Board goes straight into a Board meeting. This means Board members are able to apply their learning immediately and our experienced consultants are able to observe, give immediate feedback and make recommendations to the Board and the Chair.

The programme is valued at £5,750 plus VAT and expenses*, which includes purchasing the Kantor Institute’s BPP assessment tool for every Board Member. If you have any queries or would like to discuss how the programme could be developed for your Board, please contact Mark on 0131 344 4611 or drop him an email at

*Expenses comprise travel and subsistence and will be recharged at cost. We assume clients will prefer to host the coaching sessions in their offices, however we are happy to arrange venue and catering services on request and these will be recharged at cost.