#sleepyteens – adolescent social media use, sleep and wellbeing





Event Outline

In June 2018, we organised a conference exploring the importance of sleep and good sleep education to young people, Why Sleep Matters. Following on from that event, we developed a partnership with the #sleepyteens research project, based in the School of Psychology at the University of Glasgow.

The project explores adolescent social media use, sleep and wellbeing. Over the last year, the #sleepyteens research team has been working with a number of partner schools from across Scotland to build on our current research of adolescent sleep and to understand how we can better support young people in this area.

Developed in partnership with the #sleepyteens project, this half-day training event is open to all those involved in the delivery of mental health and wellbeing support to young people. It will explore:

  • The evidence behind social media’s relationship with mental health
  • Latest research and findings from the #sleepyteens project
  • How this data can inform school policies and Health & Wellbeing support provision
  • Using this information to support evidence-based lessons around sleep education
  • Feedback and case studies directly from #sleepyteen partner schools
  • Listening to the voice of adolescents, understanding the issues from a balanced viewpoint
  • Opportunities and challenges schools face when the issue is outside of school hours

In partnership with


Dr Heather Cleland Woods

Lecturer - School of Psychology, University of Glasgow

Holly Scott

PhD Researcher – School of Psychology, University of Glasgow

Cath Sinclair

Depute Headteacher, Shawlands Academy


09:00-09:30     Registration and arrival refreshments

Session One – Adolescent sleep in a 24/7 connected world: concerns, latest evidence and ongoing research

09:30-09:40     Welcome and Introduction

09:40-10:15     Overview of #sleepyteens project

  • Building a national profile of current adolescent social media use and sleep
  • Adding the adolescent voice on balancing online interactions and sleep
  • Providing a new validated questionnaire tool to support evidence-informed practice

Dr Heather Cleland Woods, Lecturer – School of Psychology, University of Glasgow

10:15-10:50     Working in partnership with schools

  • Closing the gap between latest research findings, current practice and policy
  • Stakeholder consultation on opportunities and challenges for schools and LAs
  • Lessons learned from piloting curriculum materials on sleep and social media

Holly Scott, School of Psychology, University of Glasgow

10:50-11:00     Opportunities for Questions and Discussion

11:00-11:20     Tea and coffee break, opportunities for networking

Session Two – Implementing #sleepyteens in school and moving the discussion forward

11:20-11:40     Case study – Collaborating on the research project

  • Opportunities and challenges for implementing this in school
  • Pupil perspective on participating
  • Next steps: where to now?

Cath Sinclair, Depute Head Teacher, Shawlands Academy

11:40-11:55     Opportunities for questions and discussion

11:55-12:15     Moving forward – positive and negative aspects of social media

  • Moving beyond “screentime” to better understand the “social” in social media
  • Shaping a more balanced narrative around social media’s benefits and pitfalls
  • Taking a holistic approach to exploring social media’s role in adolescent development

Dr Heather Cleland Woods, Lecturer – School of Psychology, University of Glasgow

12:15-12:30     Opportunities for questions and discussion

12:30   Closing Remarks


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