Course Welcome – What do we mean by Trauma Informed Practice?

Welcome to our course on Trauma Informed Practice. In the first of our video discussions, David Cameron speaks with Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, a Research Scientist and Developmental Psychologist. David begins by asking – what is trauma informed practice? And, more importantly, what impact can this approach have on schools and the children and young people they nurture?

What do we mean by Trauma Informed Practice? (12:52)

  • Trauma, attachment and the science of connection
  • The power of curiosity and courage – thinking differently, changing cultures
  • High impact, low cost – no external approval needed!
  • How it works in practice – case studies from primary schools
In the video above, Dr Zeedyk talks about the Science of Connection and it’s impact on children and young people’s development. With help from our colleagues at Connected Baby we have created a short quiz below for you to test your understanding around the Science of Connection. If you’d like more information on this subject please do visit the Connected Baby website –

Having discussed what we mean by Trauma Informed Practice, in the next class David and Suzanne explore the power of curiosity and the importance of responding to the feelings and needs of children and young people, rather than just their behaviours and actions. 

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