Bringing it all together

In this final video class, David and Dr Suzanne Zeedyk recap the key issues covered in the course and urge you to reflect on this by pulling all of your learning together.

Bringing it all together (04:35)

  • The case for trauma informed approaches
  • Showing that it’s possible – real people, engaged in real practice
  • Going beyond the science…let’s make it happen!
  • Be curious…

Opportunity for Reflection

Having watched the video discussions featured throughout the course, take a few moments to consider your thoughts on each of the questions below and jot down your ideas and responses.


What good practice might you be taking for granted in your school?

Are you more “trauma-informed” than you first thought?

Which examples of practice resonated with you most?

And lastly…

Are there any ideas or approaches around Trauma Informed Practice that you could adopt (or already use) in your work with children and young people?

If you wish, you can add your thoughts on the final question to our collaborative whiteboard below and view the responses of other learners.


Thank you

Thank you for participating on this course – we hope you found it useful.

Should you have any queries about the topics or issues covered throughout the course please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

> David