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Welcome to our course, Taking Care of Our Mental Health. Your trainer, Sean Humphreys, is a mental health consultant at Now Counselling.

Sean works with individuals, groups, teams, and organizations across the UK and Europe – as a trainer, counsellor, practice supervisor, and coach. 

Sean helps people learn more about what mental health is and how to promote their own sense of psychological stability and contentment.

This course is designed to help you evaluate where you are at when it comes to your mental health at work, and to provide an opportunity to learn some knowledge, skills and tools that you can integrate into your own self-care routine, whatever that may be.

If you are familiar with conversations about self care then this course is for you. And, even if you aren’t – yet – then this course will help you start that journey.

Course Welcome (10:28)

  • Introducing our Trainer
  • Our Learning Outcomes
  • Key themes and issues to be covered across the course
  • 14 classes, 3 hrs CPD

NOTE: The Presentation Slides used in this video class are available for download via the ‘Materials’ tab at the top of the page.

In the next class, Sean starts the course by outlining some of the key foundational elements of good mental health.