Course Welcome

In this opening class, Sandra McDonald, the Former Public Guardian for Scotland and one of the country’s leading experts on Adults with Incapacity legislation, welcomes and introduces learners to her course, Adults with Incapacity training for Health & Social Care Professionals training tailored for social workers, MHOs, hospital doctors, nurses & AHPs.

With a mix of video classes, activities and interactive content, the course addresses the frequently arising challenges around AWI – and what to do when difficulties arise. 

There are both Foundation (Fdn) and Advanced (Adv) classes, from which you can pick and choose – so whether you are newly qualified or an advanced practitioner you can access any of the content that is relevant to your role and requirements.

Key themes

  • Welcome and introduction to the course
  • 16 video classes complimented by 7 activities – with 2 quizzes and 3 collaborative whiteboards
  • The course content is available until at least December 2024, ensuring learners can work through the course at their own pace
  • Each class can be accessed at any time and in any order, although it is recommended to progress through the course sequentially, beginning with the General Principles of Adults with Incapacity.

Course Welcome (03:00)

In the next class, Sandra starts the course by introducing learners to the General Principles of Adults with Incapacity.