Boys and Men’s stigma in Mental Health – Ellie Moyes & Oliver McLuckie (19:09)

Boys and Men’s stigma in Mental Health


Ellie Moyes and Oliver McLuckie, Consultant Youth Workers from See Me Scotland, consider the mental health stigma facing boys and men and highlight some of the work and resources See Me have created to try to overcome this.

Key themes

  • The challenges around Boys and Men seeking help and support for their Mental Health

  • The ‘Whats On Your Mind’ Project and Resource Pack

  • Seeking your thoughts and input

  • Male Mental Health stigma and potential outcomes

Boys and Men’s stigma in Mental Health (19:09)


Ellie and Ollie would love to receive input from you and the boys and young men you work with. They have created Jamboard pages to collate these thoughts which they reference throughout their video classes. To access the pages, simply click on the button below…

The ‘Whats On Your Mind’ project

The ‘Whats On Your Mind’ project has developed a resource pack to support both teachers and young people to learn about mental health and develop the skills and confidence to tackle stigma and discrimination in school and the wider community. To find out more about the resource and to download the pack, please visit –

A conversation card has also been created to accompany the ‘Whats On Your Mind’ project. You can download the card using the link below… 

Or drop Ellie/Ollie an email requesting a hard copy…

Additional Links

Ellie and Ollie also signposted a number of links during their video classes…all these links can be found on the ‘Materials’ tab at the top of the page.