Big people helping little people – creating a whole-school ethos around empathy and kindness

We’ve covered the theory behind Trauma Informed approaches and provided some second-hand examples of it working in practice. But what about some direct, real-world case studies from schools across Scotland?

Starting with this class, we hear from a cross-section of adults and children from Pitteuchar East Primary School in Glenrothes.

By placing an emphasis on understanding the ‘feelings’ and ‘needs’ of children, not just reacting to their ‘behaviours’ and ‘actions’, Pitteuchar East Primary School has become a space where children feel safe, valued and connected. Such a setting has enabled consistent relationships to develop –  between the children and the adults; and amongst the children themselves.

Perspective - The Children (11:28)

Perspective - The Janitor (06:17)

Perspective - The Pupil Support Assistants (15:53)

Perspective - The Learning Support Teacher (12:20)

In the next class, we will hear from the Headteacher at Pitteuchar East, Jenn Knussen. In conversation with David Cameron, Jenn will explain what changes the school has enacted; where the emphasis for change came from; and the impact it has had on children’s development, behaviour and their academic performance.

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