Adopting a nurturing approach in the secondary sector

Having heard how trauma informed approaches are working at Portobello High School, in this class David speaks with Wendy McInally, Depute Head Teacher at Clydebank High School. Wendy showcases the rollout of a nurturing approach at Clydebank and the value of strong relational practices across the school.

Adopting a Nurturing Approach in the Secondary Sector (13:38)

  • The transformation – from a punitive school to a nurturing one
  • The partnership with Educational Psychology – training staff in ‘The 7 Principles of Nurture’
  • Starting with the willing – modelling the value of caring and compassionate relationships before rolling the approach out to the full school staff
  • The outcomes – raised pupil attendance, increased pupil engagement and stronger co-regulation

Opportunity for Reflection

Take a few moments to consider your thoughts on each of the questions below and jot down your ideas and responses.


How much of the practice in your school was reflected in these conversations with Wendy McInally?

Is there anything that you might do more of as a result of watching these conversations?

Is there anything that you might start doing?

(Remember: if you prefer to keep digital notes, use the ‘take notes’ tab at the bottom of the page to record your responses).

Maybe add-in some materials, resources or links here based on Wendy’s input…

The 7 Principles of Nurture – EP, West Dunbartonshire Council

Mindfulness in Schools Project (London)

The Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award (MBQMA)


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