Activity – Colin’s case study

Activity - Colin's case study


Colin is a 75-year-old man with dementia.  He lives on Orkney and has done so all his life. Colin lives in the old family home, it has been in the family for about 100 years, his father and grandfather both owned it in their time. Colin has a younger brother, who lives in a neighbouring house; they are proud of their heritage “Orcadian born and bred – born here and die here”.

Colin is widowed, for some 10 years now. He very much relies on his brother.  He has one son, Graham, whom he appointed as his power of attorney. Graham lives in Edinburgh.

Recently Colin has had a stay in hospital, a result of a chest infection; he was discharged to a local care home, whilst the social services got his house deep cleaned. They said he had been neglecting himself – which is why he got the infection and could not return to the house in the state it was. His brother was aware of the state inside the house but said Colin, and his late wife, had never been the tidiest.

Graham has decided that he cannot allow his father to neglect himself to this extent so has decided to relocate him to permanent care in Edinburgh, so he can keep an eye on things. He has the power as attorney to decide on his Dad’s accommodation.


Use your knowledge of the principles to consider how Graham should have handled matters. The AWI Principles –

  • Benefit
  • Least restrictive intervention
  • Past and present wishes
  • Views of others
  • Encouraging the person’s participation