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As we now know, Paul – Mary’s sole Attorney – is using his Power of Attorney to exclude her partner, Brian, from visiting her in the Care Home.

Brian has not seen Mary since she was admitted and has not been updated on her wellbeing as the care home won’t tell him anything – as Paul has prevented this.

An activity or case study to help learners apply their learning into practical challenges / examples...

Let’s do a practical activity to help you develop a plan for engaging with parents about online safety and digital citizenship. 

The template SWOT Analysis below is designed to help you consider the Strengths vs Weaknesses of your current approach to engaging parents in online safety, and what possible Opportunities and Threats there are.

Take some time now to develop your own SWOT analysis – thinking about how you engage with parents/carers about online safety. You can do the analysis either as an individual (thinking about your own engagement with parents and carers) or as an organisation (thinking strategically about how your school or setting engages with parents).

*Remember, there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers – the important thing is for you to consider and review your current approach and identify any opportunities for improvement going forward.

Opportunity for Reflection

Reflect on your SWOT analysis…

  • How can you build on your strengths and tackle your weaknesses? 
  • Are there any new opportunities coming up? And how can you address any threats?
  • How are you going to prioritise your time and resources?

If you wish, you can share any ideas you may have for engaging parents around online safety on our collaborative whiteboard below and view the responses of other learners.

Links to resources and/or a poll(s)

The Online Resilience Tool from Headstart Kernow

In her video class, Jess referred to The Online Resilience Tool from Headstart Kernow. To download the resource simply click on the image above.

With the Online Resilience Tool in mind...

Do you think Karim’s behaviour (described in the previous class) is Not Harmful; Potentially Harmful or Harmful?

How digitally resilient do you think Karim is?

"Karim understands the nature of online risk, and uses this knowledge to make informed choices about his online activities"

"Karim has enough self-confidence to deal with any challenges he encounters online"

"Karim learns from his experiences"

"Karim has people he trusts to guide him and help him bounce back when things go wrong"