Who we are

Bringing together people, ideas and good practice is at the heart of what we do. And we aim to practice what we preach. As such we are always keen to collaborate with others – organisations and individuals – to help shape and develop our content.

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The Hub Team

Mark Bellamy
Mark Bellamy, Director, Policy Hub Scotland
Mark has been carrying out public policy research in Scotland for 15 years. Firstly with the Scottish Qualifications Authority and then with the Edinburgh-based conferencing company, MacKay Hannah.

In this time he has led the development of around 100 national conferences and a number of Government summits across a diverse range of policy areas – including Health and Wellbeing, Education and Skills, Good Governance and Public Service Reform, Transport and Economic Development.

Mark launched Policy Hub Scotland with the aim of going beyond the traditional, ‘stand-alone’ events model – to create opportunities for continuous learning and knowledge sharing. He is currently responsible for the management and strategic direction of both the online Hub and Hub events.

email: mbellamy@policyhubscotland.co.uk

tel: 0131 344 4611 mob: 07841 668 155

Lauren Blair
Lauren Blair, Lead Partner, Policy Hub Scotland
Lauren is a lead research partner for Policy Hub Scotland, developing online Hub content and training events across a range of policy areas. Lauren’s current focus is our ongoing conversation around ‘Education and Child Welfare’ – creating opportunities for professionals to share their ideas, knowledge and experiences.

Lauren is also the Programme Engagement Officer at Voluntary Health Scotland – leading VHS’ external engagement, as well as developing and delivering a programme of events for VHS members and other stakeholders across the Health, Social Care and voluntary sectors. She has over 10 years’ experience delivering policy conferences to public and third sector audiences across Scotland.

email: lblair@policyhubscotland.co.uk

tel: 0131 344 4611

Brian Weddell
Brian Weddell, Lead Partner, Policy Hub Scotland
Brian is a lead research partner for Policy Hub Scotland, leading the co-development of training events and online Hub content for the Health, Social Care and Voluntary sectors.

Brian was previously the Policy Director for CPP Seminars Scotland (Connecting-Policy-to-Practice) and has almost 20 years experience of the conference and seminar market in Scotland. Brian has held elected office at Lothian Regional Council, and following Local Government Reorganisation, served on the City of Edinburgh Council until May 2003 where he held the positions of Convener of Finance and Convener of Housing.

email: bweddell@policyhubscotland.co.uk

tel: 0131 344 4611

Claire Hunter, Lead Partner, Policy Hub Scotland
Claire is a lead research partner for Policy Hub Scotland developing events with particular focus on the Children and Young People sector.

Claire is also Director of Red Harbour Events that she set up in 2008 after 15 years working within the events and marketing industry with organisations including Children in Scotland, Holyrood Magazine, Mental Welfare Commission and Newsdirect. In addition to agenda setting, Claire specialises in organising conferences, dinners and one-off events for the public sector, charity and corporate organisations.

email: events@policyhubscotland.co.uk

tel: 0131 344 4611

Our Associates

Sandra McDonald, Associate, Policy Hub Scotland & Director, EX-PG Ltd (and former Public Guardian for Scotland)
Sandra leads our in-house training and consultancy services on Adults with Incapacity (AwI) issues for health & social care professionals, third sector practitioners and family law solicitors. For 14 years (2004-2018) Sandra was the Public Guardian for Scotland. The Public Guardian supports as well as supervises those appointed, under the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000, to administer the affairs of persons with incapacity. Sandra holds qualifications in law, public sector management and nursing. As Public Guardian, she led a team of 80, delivering a service across the whole of Scotland.

Upon retiring as the Public Guardian in the summer of 2018, Sandra established EX-PG Ltd. She currently offers mental capacity/incapacity advice and training, drawing on the breadth and wealth of her experience as Public Guardian. All Sandra’s advice and training can be tailored to your needs and is specifically designed to assist both those supporting, as well as those developing and delivering services for, people with incapacity.

For more information, please visit – www.ex-pg.com

Tam Baillie, Associate, Policy Hub Scotland & former Scotland Commissioner for Children and Young People
Tam leads our in-house training and consultancy services around children’s rights for professionals working in schools and wider integrated children’s services. He was Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People from May 2009 to May 2017. As Commissioner, Tam had a duty to promote and safeguard the rights of children and young people in Scotland through: raising awareness of children’s rights; involving children and young people in his work; and influencing law, policy and practice with children and young people.

Since demitting office, Tam has built up an extensive training portfolio focussed on developing a greater awareness and understanding of children’s rights within the workforce. Tam currently holds the following roles:

  • Chair of the Shetland Public Protection Committee (Adult and Child)
  • Chair of the Western Isles Child Protection Committee
  • Board member of the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration
  • Advisory Group member of Moorehouse Residential School
  • Board member of the International Play Association (World)
  • Board member of the International Play Association (Scotland)
  • Board member of Upstart (campaigning for kindergartens in education)
  • Ambassador for the Cyrenians, Edinburgh
  • Ambassador for the Licketyspit Children’s Theatre Company

Margaret Williamson, Associate, Policy Hub Scotland & Director of Boardroom Development Limited
Margaret leads our in-house training and consultancy services specialising in improving the performance of Boards and Executive Leadership Teams across the public, private and third sectors. She has been Director of Boardroom Development Limited, an independent strategy and organisation development consulting practice for the past 23 years and prior to that held senior positions in finance and consulting.

A champion of boardroom diversity, she created the Boardroom Mentor Programme, the first competency-based programme for women non-executive directors in the UK. She has extensive experience as a non-executive director and audit chair in the public and social enterprise sectors.